pRESTO is a toolkit for processing raw reads from high-throughput sequencing of lymphocyte repertoires.

Dramatic improvements in high-throughput sequencing technologies now enable large-scale characterization of immunoglobulin repertoires, defined as the collection of trans-membrane antigen-receptor proteins located on the surface of T and B lymphocytes. The REpertoire Sequencing TOolkit (pRESTO) is composed of a suite of utilities to handle all stages of sequence processing prior to germline segment assignment. pRESTO is designed to handle either single reads or paired-end reads. It includes features for quality control, primer masking, annotation of reads with sequence embedded barcodes, generation of single-molecule consensus sequences, assembly of paired-end reads and identification of duplicate sequences. Numerous options for sequence sorting, sampling and conversion operations are also included.

pRESTO Tools


pRESTO: a toolkit for processing high-throughput sequencing raw reads of lymphocyte receptor repertoires
Vander Heiden JA*, Yaari G*, Uduman M, Stern JNH, O'Connor KC, Hafler DA, Vigneault F, Kleinstein SH
Bioinformatics 2014; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu138

Additional Ig Repertoire Tools